Fly Seattle Scenic is licensed by the State of Washington, to conduct the disposition of cremated remains, Permit No. 147.

Respecting the wishes of those who have gone before us is an important concern.
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Aerial Ash Scattering throughout the Northwest, British Columbia and the San Juan Islands:

The death of a loved one is a time of remembrance and honor. It is also a time of grief, uncertainty, and decisions.

When those decisions include cremation, aerial scattering of ashes can be an appropriate, unique and spiritually fulfilling ritual respecting the life of the deceased person and meeting the needs of family and friends.

The Process:

Fly Seattle Scenic receives the ashes either directly from the funeral home or the family.  At a date and time agreed upon with the family the ashes are flown to the site selected for scattering.  A witnessed scattering may be arranged as well.  Whereby, once the group of family and friends are gathered at the selected site the aircraft will fly the scattering path at a height from which the scattering may be easily observed by those gathered on the ground.  Family and friends are welcome to fly in the aircraft and participate in the scattering as well.



The Documentation:

On completion of the ash scattering,Sample Certificate we provide a commemorative certificate suitable for framing documenting place, time and date of the event.  Additional copies of the certificate are available, on request.


Additional Resources Available:

If you are located in the Colorado area Air LegacyAir Legacy can provide you with aerial ash scattering services.

To visit Air Legacy, simply select the picture..














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