Motion Picture Production Aerial Services

Aerial Motion Picture Filming, Video, Photography and Production Services For T.V. and The Hollywood Motion Picture Industry.

Working closely with the motion picture film industry.
  Helicopter or Fixed Wing Aerial Platforms.      

Aerial Digital Cinematography Filming and Video:

A member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Rick Dominyfor 27 years, Rick Dominy, President of Fly Seattle Scenic and Helicopter Consultants, Inc. films movies, feature films, car commercials and series TV in the Western U.S.

Recent Work: The Phone for MTV - Amazing Race 10 - Grey’s Anatomy - Army Strong - Secure Horizons - X Factor - Washington State Lottery.

Helicopter or Fixed Wing Camera Mount Platforms:

  • CineFlex
  • Tyler Mounts

Aerial and Ground Services:

  • Location scouting
  • Aerial photography
  • Story aircraft
  • Air Taxi services
  • Fuel trucks for on site production




Our Helicopter Fleet:

  • A-Star AS350B2Our helicopter Fleet.
  • Bell 206III LoneRanger
  • Bell 206BIII JetRanger
  • Hughes MD500E
  • Bell 205A1++


Additional Aerial Filming Services:

  • Transport Service
  • Fuel Truck Delivery


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