Scenic Flights and Air Tours for the Seattle Area and Entire Northwest Region.

Scenic Flights Onboard our Cessna 210 Aircraft or by Helicopter.
  The BEST WAY to see the Greater Pacific Northwest is by aircraft.  
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An Experienced Pilot and Certified Aircraft.

Know your pilot first hand: A Seattle native, Rick Dominy, your key to scenic flight services in the Northwest.Rick Dominy, President of Helicopter Consultants, Inc. (HCI) and Fly Seattle Scenic, began his flying career in 1968 at the U.S. Army Primary Helicopter School, Fort Wolters, Texas. During his five years of active military service, Rick flew helicopters in Europe and two combat tours in Viet Nam.

Leaving active duty in March of 1972 Rick continued his military flying career in the reserve component, retiring from the Washington Army National Guard in the summer of 2003 and after more than 36 years as a military pilot.

His career in commercial aviation began when he returned to civilian life in 1972 and he never looked back.

Rick has owned and/or managed several aviation companies over the years and acquired extensive aviation experience and credentials over his career.

Accumulating over 20,000 hours of flying time, Rick holds FAA certifications as an Air Transport Pilot, (ATP) in single and multiengine airplanes and helicopters. Included certifications are 13 separate type ratings.

Rick has extensive experience and background in training, teaching, instructing and standardization. He is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, (CFI) for single and multiengine airplanes, helicopters and instrument flying in both airplanes and helicopters.

Where ever your flight takes you with Fly Seattle Scenic, you will be flying with one of the Worlds most knowledgeable, safe, experienced and (fun) pilots. And, if Rick hasn’t flown there already, you probably don’t need to go there.



HCI owns and operates a late model Cessna T210N One of the BEST!Centurion II airplane, N178RD. The Centurion is Cessna’s “Top of the Line,” reciprocating powered single engine airplane

The Cessna Centurion II These airplanes are well known for their ability to fly high and go fast with a large payload. The 310 horse power engine is turbocharged allowing the Centurion to fly at altitudes above 20,000 feet with at a takeoff gross weight of 4000 pounds. The large, roomy cabin, seats the pilot and five passengers or about 1000 pounds of cargo with the passenger seats removed.

The Centurion will fly 4 – 5 hours on a standard fuel load, about 750 – 950 miles. The Centurion has a high wing, meaning the wing is attached at the top of the cabin. The landing gear, (wheels) retract into the belly after takeoff and the high wing does not have support struts, (like most high wing models). These features provide passengers with a totally clear and unobstructed scenic view during flight and all seats are window seats.

This airplane is equipped with the latest flight, navigation and instrument technology including; a Chelton digital autopilot, Garmin GNS 430 GPS and GTX 330 S Band transponder, Sandel 3500 EHSI, dual generator and vacuum systems and JPI 700 engine monitoring system.

The airplane may fly at a cruise speed up to 180 mph, (3 miles per minute) and takeoff and land on airstrips shorter than 2000 feet.

The FAA has certified this airplane to operate under the FAR Part 135 commercial rules, therefore a strict maintenance and inspection program is required for these operations.















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