Pilatus PC-12

Your Northwest Air Charter Flight Features The Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop Aircraft.

Seattle Aircraft Charters lets you take off on your schedule to almost anywhere in the U.S.
  An Overview of Why Air Charter Could be a Better Financial Decision For Your Business.  
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  Flexibility:   Cargo:  
  We fly on your schedule Your chartered Aircraft.and the plane won’t leave without you. If your meeting runs long there is no pressure to wrap up quickly just to make your flight. If your meeting is cut short by striking an early deal or having an emergency pop up, just let the pilot know and the plane will be ready to leave ASAP.   When your charter the PC-12 the entire aircraft is Cargo Capacity.yours. This includes your ability to carry up to 2,900 LB of cargo. That is over 1 ton of freight

Opening in a seperate window, watch one of our movies showing just some of the kinds of freight that you can carry.

  Productivity:   Stress Reduction:  
  You will be able to take your team to visit multiple cities in one day and still get them home the same evening. This will save you money on hotel rooms and meals. Your team members will be happier since they will be back at home with their families.   There is no need to arrive two hours early for your flight. You can park close to the plane. Your baggage can be loaded directly aboard eliminating the need to drag it half a mile to the counter, check it in, and hope that it will be there to meet you at the other end of the flight. There are no lines for TSA. No need to take off your shoes, belt, empty your pockets and remove your jewelry. No pat-downs.  
  Pleasure:   Privacy:  
  Aircraft charter is not just for work! Load up your family and your toys for a getaway off of the beaten path. Family retreats, wine tasting trips, golfing, relax in a spa, sporting events, hunting and fishing trips. Bring your pets – they get to ride in the cabin with you.   Club-style seating and pull-out tables will let you conduct business during the flight. You will have no concerns about eavesdropping or interruptions.  
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